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  Soft Laser Hair Brush
Soft Laser Laser Hair Comb Brush

Advanced design 17 Diode LLLT Laser/LED hair brush for improved scalp and hair health!
  • 660nm wavelength strength penetrates to stimulate mitochondria and scalp circulation
  • Clinically shown effective for hair growth, improved thickness and density
  • Easy-to-use for in-home, personal use
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Size: 660nm Laser Brush w/ Batteries

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Soft Laser Hair Brush

Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT) combined with Hi-Tech LED laser hair-care comb for in-home use to help get thicker, fuller and vibrant hair. The Laser Hair Comb utilizes LLLT technology that helps stimulate hair growth and development.
 Soft Laser Hair Brush Comb
Simple and easy to use - 3 times per week for 15 minutes, The Laser Hair Comb delivers 660 nanometer low level laser light through 17 LLLT and LED diodes designed to stimulate cellular proliferation and improve Bio-stimulation - fluid flow, papila growth (root), improved nutrition delivery and micro-circulation to follicles and scalp.
Outer and inner light emitting bristles of two widths and diameters allow light to penetrate hair and scalp more easily while separating hair and stimulating scalp tissue. The Laser Hair Comb is an easy-to-use, hand-held laser brush/comb developed specifically for use at home to address thinning, hair loss and thin hair. Ergonomically designed handle and width brush-surface areas improves comfort and laser coverage on the scalp.
Clinical studies have shown increases in mean terminal hair count, improved thickness and fullness, with no serious side effects from use in many test subjects. Many test subjects (up to 93%)also reported reduction in hair fall, speed of hair growth and general, overall improved hair quality and manageability.

How The Laser Brush Comb Works

Coherent laser light penetrates about 1 cm into the endodermis skin.Follicle structure The mitochondria absorns the photon light energy and is energizerd. The stimulated mitochondria produces more ATP which in turn, makes the cells reproduce faster, making them act like younger cells. The coherent laser light also promotes cell wall exchange increasing blood micro-circulation and stimulating the hair follicle.
The effects of cell reproduction and blood circulation is increased stimulation of the hair follicle, more collagen and elastin bundling between the cells, leading to healthier, thicker and vibrant hair.
Laser energy in tissue is absorbed through cytochrome cells. In mitochondrial apparatus of individual cells light energy turns into cellular energy. At the same time permeability of cellular membrane is increased by light passage, which leads to their better nourishment, improved function and faster fission. These processes then activate macrophage in the tissue, which is responsible for absorption of harmful substances.Laser effects on scalp
On the other hand it activates healing processes that increase activity of fibroblast – fibrous cell supporting synthesis of collagen in the tissue and they cause increased formation of specific enzymes. Effectiveness for Hair:
  • Alopecia – supportive treatment of alopecia, hair growth stimulation and improvement of quality.
  • Dandruff – LLLT can help in combination with special anti-dandruff shampoos.

Marta Moidlová, M.D. Chief surgeon of LaserPlastic Clinic of laser-aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery, Prague

  • Deep penetrating 660nm laser/LED
  • Easy-to-use - 3-4 times per week, 15 minutes/day
  • 12 LED bristle light source diodes, 5 laser bristle light source diodes
  • Instructions + Batteries included
  • Low-fatique, ergonomic handle
  • Stimulates mitochondria and scalp circulation
  • Shown effective for thicker, denser, faster growing hair