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How do Fast Hair Growth Products Work?

Did you ever wonder how do fast hair growth products work? First, a distinction or clarification should be made. They are not “miracle” products and they do not rely on “secret” ingredients heretofore unseen in the world. They are products that use the natural growth cycles of hair and commonly known ingredients in combinations that promote a natural and faster result. While it may appear to be "magic" to those when they experience regrowth of hair they have lost or when their hair becomes thicker, getting hair to grow faster is based on scientific principles that have been studied, developed, and proven.
These products follow simple physiological facts to produce results. When a person is out of shape, he can’t run very fast or for very long. Through steady exercise, proper nutrition, and care for his body, that person can begin to run faster and have more stamina. Using these products is much the same as conditioning the body, but on a professional level.vitamins for faster hair growth
Simply, "fast hair growth products" do one of two, remove barriers or obstacles that could be preventing growth (and in some cases loss), and/or two, provide whatever nutrients are needed to provide and environment where follicle development and growth of follicle strands are maximized (fastest rate).

Fast hair growth products work by combining all of the elements hair needs to grow faster

Healthy hair grows faster because it receives everything it needs to do so. If a person eliminates one or more of the things that hair needs from his routine care, hair growth will slow down. Hair needs vitamins and nutrients, good circulation near the follicles, and the materials to produce more hair.
First, vitamins and nutrients provide the energy to promote growth. It is much the same as taking vitamins to increase physical energy for exercise. When hair receives more energy it can grow faster and stronger. The more a person increases the available energy, the faster the hair can grow. Vitamin B-3, or niacin, for instance, increases blood flow to the surface of the skin where hair follicles are located. This increased blood flow pumps nutrients to the hair which it can then use for growth.
Vitamin E, in the context of a fast hair growth product, will increase the circulation in the follicles to enhance the growth of hair and make it faster. This functions just like a good cardio-vascular workout can help the heart by increasing blood circulation that provides more oxygen to the vital organs and muscles. Again, there is nothing mysterious or magical about it; it is common sense and physiology at work.
Finally, hair needs raw materials to build with. If a person is consistently producing more of those raw materials, hair will have the opportunity to grow faster. A good example is keratin. Keratin makes up the outer layer of the skin as well as being the primary ingredient in a shaft of hair. If the body has to decide, it will divert more keratin to the skin to keep it healthy. Providing more keratin allows the body to distribute more to the hair.

Do fast hair growth products really work?

Yes, they do. When incorporated into a complete plan for hair maintenance, fast hair growth products can achieve far better results than just allowing hair to grow on its own. They may not be mysterious or magical, but they do produce noticeable results that make hair fuller and thicker. That alone makes them an excellent choice to use for a hair care or treatment plan.
Again, there is no magic bullet and typically treatments, vitamins, follicle stimulator sprays or shampoos take several months to "kin-in".  So, patience needs to be considered seriously.  The growth cycle of hair occurs over a fairly long period of time.  Any type additional or supplemental nutrition needs to get into your system (and stay there) in order to see positive results.  Likewise, if something is inhibiting or slowing growth, it may take a while to neutralize.
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