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Stimulate Hair Growth with Follicle Stimulator

Stimulate hair growth with advanced follicle stimulators.  Follicle Stimulator, as the name implies, stimulates the hair to grow faster, nourishes the scalp with essential vitamins and nutrients and increases blood flow to the root, bulb and hair shaft.  Topically applied to the scalp and skin, follicle stimulators are proven successful in helping hair grow faster, revive and rejuvenate healthy dermal layers and revive and cleanse pores with refreshing, active stimulants. Follicle stimulators have been prescribed and are a common regimen for combating thinning or hair loss.

As we age (men and women), hair growth slows, retards or in many cases stops.  Thinning hair and slow growth ahair stimulators belowre attributed to genetics primarily, but are magnified but everyday challenges such as stress, hormonal changes and DHT production, dirt, excessive oil and sebum, hair product build-up, and lack of nutrition.

Clinical studies have shown these factors contribute to many cases of hair loss, and they can be addressed, treated and identified.  Maintaining a healthy diet properly cleansing and styling your hair, and having a thorough hair analysis performed will help slow or reverse thinning, slow growth or hair loss and will pinpoint major causes – many of which can be solved.

Follicle Stimulators are excellent for...
  • Slow Growing Hair
  • Thinning, shedding, hair loss and baldness
  • Weak, breaking, and snapping
  • Adding volume, body and thickness
Follicle stimulators provide several necessary functions:  First, they increase blood flow to the scalp.  Healthy hair shaft development is a direct function of nutrition delivery.  Capillaries in and around the bulb deliver vitamins, nutrients and minerals required for production of the bulb in its growth phase.  Lack of nutrients result in poor growth and development that lead to weak or thin shaft.  Chronic lack of nutrition shuts down the growth phase in older pores and often the bulb dies or fails to reproduce.  Follicle stimulators excite capillaries allowing increased blood flow, while providing topical application of vitamins most needed for root and shaft growth.  This often leads to thicker, stronger hair with the added advantage of faster hair growth, and in some cases, renewed growth where balding or thinning has begun. 

Rich in Vitamin B complex and amino acids, follicle stimulators help block DHT enzymes, a result of hormonal and stress changes, that stop hair growth and deep clean with Zinc PCA to un-block follicle pores allowing nutrients to penetrate the bulb.

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Growth & Strength® Leave-In Growth Stimulator and Conditioner
Growth & Strength® Leave-In Conditioner
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Spray-on, leave-in growth stimulator that conditions while it detangles, smooths, strengthens and promotes new, faster hair growth!
Nourish Follicle Stimulator - Our best selling hair growth spray!
Nourish Follicle Stimulator
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Our best selling hair growth spray!  5% Trichogen®  formula guaranteed to stimulate hair growth! Leaves hair healthy, vibrant - feeds scalp and follicles!
ProFolla® AnaStim Ha® Follicle Stimulator - Hair loss product to stimulate hair regrowth
ProFolla® AnaStim Ha® Follicle Stimulator
List Price: $34.95
Our Price: $24.99
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Hair growth stimulant promotes growth while blocking DHT! 8% Trichogen, spray stimulates hair growth!
Phase 3 Kit for Noticeably Thinning Hair
Phase 3 Kit for Noticeably Thinning Hair
List Price $91.50
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Phase 3 Kit for Noticeably thinning hair will help stop hair loss while supporting new hair growth. They contain an ingredient called Trichogen which has been proven to stimulate new hair growth.

Hair Growth Stimulator

Stimulate Hair Growth and Restore Natural Growing Hair!

AnaStim Ha® from ProFolla® Hair Products is a hair growth stimulant spray that promotes Anagen phase hair growth while blocking early stage DHT! Topical scalp 8% Trichogen® and Vitamin complex application for fasterbuy anastim follicle stimulator hair growth, arresting  hair loss and for thinning hair!
AnaStim Ha® delivers essential nutrients for optimal hair growth with a Trichogen® Complex Formula that stimulates natural growth and development and leaves hair vibrant.
Stimulate natural hair growth with this concentrated hair accelerator that feeds follicles with nutrients, minerals and vitamins while stimulating circulation and stopping temporary male and female hair loss. Highest concentration (8%) Trichogen formula - clinically proven to stimulate natural hair growth - invigorating, light Spearmint & Vanilla fragrance.
  • Concentrated 8% Trichogen® formula to stimulate growth
  • Encourages circulation and increased blood flow
  • Clinically proven ingredients to promote new hair growth
  • Light, refreshing Spearmint scent
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