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Hair Breakage and Hair Vitaminshair vitamins for breaking hair

Reasons for hair breakage or split ends

  • Depleted Hair because of perms, hair color, etc
  • Lack of Moisture in hair that weaken protein bonds
  • Harsh Hair Products that strip hair of moisture and nutrients 
  • Missing Amino Acids, Enzymes and certain vitamin in your diet
  • Split ends caused by lack of nutrition inside hair

Today's hair styles are brutal on your hair causing breakage and splitting. Hair Coloring. perms, relaxers, highlights, flat irons, curling irons, drying and even today's shampoos strip hair of vital proteins. Vitamins that help stop hair breakage and weak hair. Hair needs certain nutrition including enzymes and these come from vitamins for hair growth and certain specialized shampoos and conditioners.
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Is it Possible to Prevent Hair Breakage?

To prevent hair from breaking is a tall task...yet, significantly reducing breakage is possible and we have thousands of customers who agree.
Breaking hair results from a wide variety of factors, primarily the fundamental moisture and nutrition level in the follicles themselves.  Chemical treatments rob nutrients, destroy proteins, deplete amino acids, and reduce moisture content. Styling with hot tools makes hair weak and prone to snapping, splitting or tearing (as the picture above shows!) Poor nutrition in terms of the building blocks of the follicles - Biotin, Niacin, B-Vitamins, etc. leave hair weakened leading to frizz, split-ends and general damage.
Our "Number 1" recommendation to customers is to build a solid base to prevent hair breakage by using vitamin supplements.  Besides the overall benefits they provide, hair vitamins ensure the level of required nutrients is stable providing a foundation for strength.  Once that is established, then other factors such as straightening, relaxing, daily styling, and the hair products you use, can be managed accordingly with the knowledge nutrition has been satisfied.
With that said, we also recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and condition - specifically Healthy Hair Plus®'s Emu Shampoo and Conditioner (see above) to ensure your hair gets maximum penetrating moisture and a healthy dose of Omega 3's.