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Natural Hair Growth

Remedies to make Hair Grow

Of all the remedies available to make our hair grow faster, natural hair growth is the preferred method.  Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that inhibit natural hair growth and allow for normal cell reproduction and health.
Many remedies - natural and homemade - have been used for years to either stop people from losing hair or to decrease thinning.  The premise is herbs such as green tea or honey will provide adequate nutrients for growth.  While it is true that if you have a proper diet, your hair will be healthy also, your diet generally needs to have supplements to for proper health - namely, supplements rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 
While no particular vitamins or minerals have been identified that help hair grow, we do know that certain deficiencies such as iron, zinc, chromium or magnesium can lead to loss.  We alson know that increased circulation improves vitamin and mineral delivery to the foolicle root or bulb.  Scalp vibration and massage and natural remedies that include honey, green tea, and those with high contents of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E help natural hair growth.
Some common minerals, vitamins and herbs to look for natural hair growth:
  • Honey
  • Green Tea
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamins C, B12, E
Vitamins are the building blocks of amino acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins...the primary component of hair.  Thus, it stands to reason that Vitamin B12 deficiency would hinder natural hair growth; and, hair growth vitamins would not only be helpful, but would help provide overall health. 
Similarly, free-radicals caused by oxidization, attack cell membranes destroying cells.  This is the leading cause of gray hair behind genetic and heredity factors.  Free-radicals attack melanin in the shaft and cortex and destroy its pigment, leaving the hair gray.
With that said, antioxidants fight free-radical damage that leads to hair loss, thinning and gray hair.  Herbs that stimulate hair growth such as honey and green tea, affect hair growth by acting as natural antioxidants.  Hair growth products with olive oil, coffee, or grape seed oil are becoming increasingly popular because they not only help moisturize hair, but act to stabilize oxidization.
Natural hair growth focuses on two primary issues - one, stimulating hair growth; and two, preventing hair loss.  Though they are similar, each has a different purpose. 
Stimulating hair growth can come from scalp vibration or a massage.  Lack of blood flow to the scalp, roots and follicle bulb is a significant culprit to slow growing hair and thinning.  Faster hair growth can also be promoted by herbs.
Preventing loss is primarily a function of two distinct, stopping or blocking DHT, and two, ensuring the follicles are not lacking in any vitamin or mineral.
Natural hair growth can be obtained through the use of techniques such as scalp massage or vibration, herbs and natural remedies like honey green tea to stimulate growth.
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  • Green tea to make hair grow
  • Using honey for hair growth
  • Scalp vibration to make hair grow
  • Natural herbs that stimulate hair growth
  • Green Tea remedies to grow hair faster
  • Vitamins help with hair growth