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Vitamin Shampoo for Hair Growth

Hair Vitamins Shampoo for Healthy Hair Growth

Hair Vitamins shampoo addresses hair that is depleted of vitamins, proteins and amino acids and does not grohair vitamins shampoow long and healthy. By replacing the missing nutrition hair is fed and over time becomes healthy. Even if you are using other hair products for growth a supplement, shampoo and protein conditioner will help to give the hair what it needs! Grow your hair out! Make hair grow faster with nutrition!

  • Make your hair grow longer and stronger

  • Hair grows fast with hair energizer vitamins, vitamin shampoo and silk protein conditioner
  • A shampoo loaded with amino acids and vitamin precursors giving your hair a good basis for making new and healthy hair cells for faster growth.
  • No harsh surfactants! A very gentle everyday shampoo that can be used by men or women as their primary shampoo to make hair stronger, healthier and faster growing.
Works fast to jump start nutrition and natural enzymes that hair must have for growth and infuse depleted hair with heavy vitamins and amino acids that make up the hair's protein structure. Great smelling and gentle on the scalp where most products can be very harsh. All of our products bring new life and rejuvenation to hair! If you are experiencing hair loss, we recommend a DHT blocker shampoo that helps block conversion of testosterone to DHT - a primary cause of pre-mature hair loss and thinning.
"One of the best techniques for ensuring hair growth is to topically apply vitamins and amino acids via a shampoo or conditioner.  You will often see an improvement in overall follicle health - meaning strength and softeness, but also maximimized, faster growing hair" HairEnergizer® Staff
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This amino acid enriched shampoo will clean without drying or building up on the hair shaft. Hair growth vitamins and botanicals help restore healthy shine and balance to frequently shampooed and normal hair.
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HHP Vitamin Shampoo - Infuses minerals and vitamins to improve hair health
HHP® Vitamin Shampoo
List Price: $19.99
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Vitamin shampoo provides nutrients, amino acids and Omega 3's. Healthier hair growth through nutrition and vital minerals and vitamins. Excellent shampoo for hair loss or improved growth.