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Hair Growth Shampoo


Shampoos to deep clean and promote healthy hair growth!


Hair Growth Shampoo that will wash-away Impurities, Dirt, Oil and DHT - Get Fast Growing Hair - Oily hair prevents proper hair growth including to become hard and blocking the hair from respiration or breathing properly to reproducbuy hair growth shampooe. It also blocks the blood flow when it becomes hard. Sebum is sticky and attracts dirt. Scalp oils should be irrigated from the follicle but very few products can do this. Hair Energizer® cleanser can help hair grow.  Shampoo that stimulates microcirculation, adds vitamins and minreals, and topical proteins for protection and strength!

Awaken and Replenish® is the best hair growth shampoo for growing long hair that works effectively with any hair type and style.

  • Hair needs vitamins and heavy proteins!

  • Hair grows fast with hair energizer vitamins, vitamin   

  • shampoo and silk protein conditioner

  • Many hair products damage with harsh surfactants

  • Gentle, but very effective for cleansing impurities

  • Unprecedented nutrition to the hair making it healthier

Our best selling hair growth shampoo with patented Trichogen® to stimulate growth and improve scalp and hair health.  Promotes faster growing hair while providing nutrients and increased scalp microcirculation. This is our best shampoo for hair growth and health.
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Awaken and Replenish Shampoo Emu Oil Shampoo HHP® Vitamin Shampoo
List Price: $18.65
Our Price: $14.45
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Awaken and Replenish Shampoo for thinning hair and hair loss - Women and Men! Emu Oil Shampoo HHP Vitamin Shampoo - Infuses minerals and vitamins to improve hair health
Deep cleaning, hair growth shampoo for thinning hair, hair loss or slow growth. Trichogen® formula stimulates scalp circulation. Cleanses, increases strength & elasticity, improves shine! Emu Oil Shampoo adds rich moisture for natural hair growth. Greatly improves scalp and hair condition with Emu Oil and Jojoba. Vitamin shampoo provides nutrients, amino acids and Omega 3's. Healthier hair growth through nutrition and vital minerals and vitamins. Excellent shampoo for hair loss or improved growth.
Awaken and Replenish® Conditoner Awaken and Replenish® Combo
List Price: $17.95
Our Price: $15.45
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List Price: $27.95
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Awaken and Replenish Conditoner Awaken and Replenish Combo
Deep, hydrating conditioning with growth-enhancing Trichogen. Protects from splitting and breaking while stimulating scalp circulation and growth.  Excellent for thinning hair, hair loss and signs of balding. Best stimulant hair growth shampoo and conditioner available. Clinically proven Trichogen complex promotes new follicle development!