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Hair Energizer® - The Leader in Hair Growth -The sticky residue from sprays and gels attracts deep dirt and sebHair Energizer products belowum that clog the reproduction. For healthy hair this build up must be removed. Hair Energizer removes this build up naturally while adding the much needed nutrients to allow your hair to grow up and out of the head.

Hair that is not cleaned around the bulb is similar to the teeth that are not flossed. The bacteria and other toxins eat away at the hair. Hair Energizer® removes the deep dirt, sebum and cholesterol from deep within the follicle to allow for maximum hair growth. For men it helps to control DHT as well.
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Hair Energizer Follicle Stimulator
Hair Energizer® Follicle Stimulator
List Price: $27.99
Our Price: $19.95
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The ultimate in instant root nutrition and follicle stimulation. Feeds follicles and improves scalp conditioning! Stimulate hair growth for men and women!