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Hair Follicle Stimulator Spray | For Hair Loss Prevention 

Along with aging comes hair loss. These two are facts of life that people go through… sooner or later. But old age is not the only reason for thinning hair and using a follicle stimulator is one of the best ways to combat hair loss. There are several reasons for hair loss - Heredity, hormonal imbalance, infectious disease and excessive radiation. Injury and exposure to toxic substances can also contribute to thinning or balding.

Your hair is made of protein. And just like nay part of the body, you should keep it healthy and nourished inside and out. To keep it healthy, proper nutrition is vital to maintain glow, thickness, and healthy growth. A balanced diet with best selling hair growth sprayregular vitamin and mineral supplements and daily exercise is important. Without proper health maintenance, you loose necessary vitamins and minerals that are vital to hair growth.

There are other options to grow your hair. Our best hair Follicle Stimulator spray can give you the advantage in hair growth process. This herbal stimulant is proven to end or slow hair loss. One of the advantages of follicle sprays includes getting your hair into growth phase once again. This product can be sprayed twice a day and can be applied at night.   

Follicle stimulator is our best selling hair growth spray and is rich in amino acids and Vitamin B to aid slow growing hair and stimulate hair growth. Hair energizers are created to distribute active enzymes and necessary vitamins straight to hair follicles and scalp. This quick stimulation advances growth and thickening of hair.

Follicle sprays with Trichogen® are proven to leave hair in good condition. If you have brittle hair, it is important to take necessary treatment to prevent from hair breakage. You have to choose a hair follicle spray that contains 17% Trichogen® to maximize the growth power of your hair. There are also follicle sprays in the market today that contains DHT blockers that boost growth potential.  With this ingredient, it could help both men and women in growing back their precious locks.
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Follicle Stimulator stimulates hair growth
Follicle Stimulator - Auto Ship
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $17.25/1 month(s)

Monthly AutoShip Price: $17.25

Delivers essential nutrients for optimal hair growth. Stimulate hair growth and development, leaves hair healthy and vibrant. Hair accelerator feeds follicles and removes obstacles that impede hair health. Convenient AutoShip Plan

Nourish Follicle Stimulator - Our best selling hair growth spray!
Nourish Follicle Stimulator
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $19.99
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Our best selling hair growth spray!  5% Trichogen®  formula guaranteed to stimulate hair growth! Leaves hair healthy, vibrant - feeds scalp and follicles!
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  • thicken exisiting hair
  • thicken thinning hair
  • female hair loss
  • male pattern baldness removes
  • obstacles of hair growth
  • loss caused by hormones
  • thinning caused by dht
  • frontal hair line receding
  • thinning at crown of head
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  • jojoba oil for hair prevent thin hair