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Circulation and Hair Loss

Poor scalp circulation can cause a hair to starve over time. We see circulation as a main problem with men that are thinning in the front near the temples or that have a slow hair loss rate.
Circulation problems can be hereditary as well.  Follicular plug, DHT work to clog where a hair grows. This chokes the hair and circulation is cut off, therefore we discuss solutions for circulation with all types of hair loss. This solution is inexpensive compared to drastic actions such as hair transplants or even Propecia.
A microscopic evaluation of your hair and bulb can help determine cause of hair loss products for effective treatment! There are many reasons of loss and thinning - stress, medications and even cholesterol and sebum can lead to hair loss.
 Circulation and hair loss
What can cause circulation problems? Can it be fixed? There are products that have been effective for many at revitalizing circulation to the scalp.

Remember we do not manufacture the products that we discuss nor do we guarantee them! We do believe that they are the best on the market based on client feedback and results. No product is perfect or hair loss would be a thing of the past. We discuss products based on feedback for certain situations.

Our hair analysis should not be taken as a medical diagnosis. We study hair reproduction and identify what may be sources of hair loss.  These are commonly stress, hormonal changes, dirt, excess product residue or build-up, DHT accumulation, and damage caused by chemical treatments.  The hair analysis can identify if these are temporary, short-term, or permananent causes, and a recommend treatment plan can be developed with the customer to improve hair health or aid in removing the obstacles to normalized growth.

Circulation is vital to healthy hair!

As we age circulation becomes much of a problem especially in hair.
  • Build up on the hair root hinders circulation that brings vital nutrition.
  • Blood that carries nutrition is more polluted and less likely to deliver nutrition
  • Cholesterol thickens the blood meaning is done do as well delivering vital nutrition to the smallest of capillaries like those found at the root of the hair that in turn nourish the hair.
DHT chokes of the blood supply eventually causing the hair to grow in what we call a vellus state because it cannot receive adequate nutrition.


  • Purify your blood (wheat grass , liver cleanse)
  • block dht  (enzy block found on our product page)
  • Enhance circulation (enzy block has stimulant, folli-cleanse shampoo has natural stimulants and so does our No Weight Daily Conditioner
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