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Causes and Reasons for Hair Loss

Understanding Hair Loss

Understanding the causes and reasons for hair loss is instrumental towards effective treatment.  While much hair loss is due to heredity and genes, "diffuse hair loss" is temporary and can be addressed using products for hair loss and a hair care regimen that lessens its effects.Causes and Reasons of Hair Loss
And, while treatment with supplements, topical treatments or shampoos can be helpful, a first step should be to get an analysis of your hair (sample hair analysis) to get a better idea of what your problem may be.  Just a with a physician diagnosing a disease, understanding the cause of hair loss leads to a proper treatment program.

Hereditary Hair Loss

Much hair loss is a result of adoption of certain genes from parents making you susceptible to losing your hair.  Male pattern balding and thinning in women and men is natural as we age.  If your parents or grandparents had significant or severe hair loss, there is a good chance you will too.  However, many women and men continue to have strong growth and thickness well into their later years.
In men, Androgentic Hair Loss is characterized by balding and thinning on the crown of the head and around the temples and may begin as early as the teens or twenties. Autoimmune difficiencies are often to blame.
Female genetic hair loss is linked to estrogen and is most common during menopause.  Rarely leading to balding, hair loss in women can be accelerated in the early years by use of birth control pills and oral contraceptives producing proestrogens.

Hair Loss Due To Disease

Hair loss can be brought on by diseases, styling and environmental factors.  Scalp psoriasis, dermatitis and and ringworm can lead to balding.  These diseases can be treated and hair regrowth can be established.  Excessive use of syling aids or applicances such as flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers can also damage follicles and the root.  Braiding and pulling - Traction Alopecia - add undue physiological stress to follicles and extending pressure can dammage the root and prevent growth.

Diffuse Hair Loss

Commonly refered to as "temporary hair loss", Diffuse Hair Loss can be the result of a number of factors:
  • Physical and mental stress
  • Medication
  • Hormonal changes
  • Styling and product usage
  • Cholesterol and DHT accumulation
  • Sebum and blood circulation
Physical and mental stress can change the chemistry in our bodies.  These chemical changes can interrupt hair growth cycles - often shortening the Anagen growth phase or prolonging resting phases. Chemicals used in perms or hair treatments can temporarily damage or stop growth and in severe cases, lead to loss. 
Hormonal changes as seen during menopause or with oral contraceptives - including the accumulation of DHT in men - can can literally "jar" hair out of the head.  And prolonged styling such as tight weaves, ponytails and braiding can pull and separate the follicle shaft from the pores.
Solutions for Temporary Hair Loss
The primary defense for hair loss in men is to use products for hair loss that address DHT and stimulate hair growth.  Though a DHT shampoo for men is helpful, stress and hormonal changes in women require time and a focus on proper styling, cleansing and proper nutrition.
shampoo that blocks DHT helps irrigate accumulated DHT in the follicle pores - the leading cause of temporary hair loss in men.  DHT is formed by the conversion of enzymes and restricts and cuts-off blood supply and nutrients to the follicle bulb and root. 
Most hair loss shampoo works to neutralize DHT while providing moisture and topically infusing nutrients. Follicle sprays and concentrated topical applications rich in Trichogen® - a complex of 14 botanical extracts - can further stimulate blood supply to the scalp and directly provide nutrients and minerals.  As mentioned, DHT restricts blood flow to the scalp and spreads much as a fungus would spread across and consume a piece of bread (remember high school biology class).  This is why you get pattern balding in men as blood flow and circulation works its way across the scalp.  The advantage of products that use Trichogen is that it not only helps inhibit the conversion and accumulation of DHT, it also stimulates and in some cases restores blood flow.  The helps in two ways.
Vitamins for hair growth are essential to attack many causes and reasons of hair loss.  Chemical treatments, heat damage, environmental factors, free-radical damage from oxidization and styling deplete vitamins and nutrients.  Poor or insufficient diet lacks the balance of Vitamin B12, E and A as well as amino acids that are the building blocks of amino chains that for proteins.  Vitamins for hair growth address many of the symptoms, causes and reasons for hair loss and thinning.
Regardless of treatments or causes related to loss, it is important to find out the causes.  A process of elimination of intuitive feel may help.  You may be under particular stress at work or at home, or are going through a pregnancy, or have recently changed birth control pills.  If so, you may very well found the answer.  However, a more scientific approach is available.
An easy to perform and informative hair analysis can help find out what is causing your thinning or hair loss problem.  Follow the link above to learn more about how analyzing your hair with proprietary methodology can help determine the causes and reasons behind hair loss.  Uncover dirt, excess sebum and hair loss, DHT or cholesterol build-up and identify hormonal and stress.  Easy to perform, you receive a complete, detailed analysis with photos that show what problems your hair may be facing.
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