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Black Hair Growth

Growing black and African-American hair is a high priority among women and men of color, ethnic background or those of us with Hispanic roots.  Here are several thoughts on black hair growth. black hair growth

The rate of growth for many of us is pre-disposed – meaning it is a function of heredity.  But diet, product usage, life-style, exercise, and styling can have a significant influence on hair growth.  Consider several factors and I’m sure you will experience healthier and faster growing black hair.

First, let’s remove barriers to faster hair growth!
  • One, diet and nutrition play a vital role.  Hair is made up of proteins and hair growth is a function of healthy skin and scalp, root development and proper maintenance.  Eating properly to provide needed vitamins, nutrient, and minerals is a great start to faster growing hair.  And, as a side-comment, drink plenty of water and fluids.  Healthy skin requires proper hydration and hair grows from the skin!
  • Two, washing periodically with deep-cleaning shampoos like Follicleanse, removes dirt, sebaceous oil deposits, bacteria, and product build-up.  Poor health and nutrition of the root and follicle bulb are leading causes of hair loss and slow growth.  Removing dirt, grime and oil effectively, enables naturally bulb and root growth.  Third, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) can cause hair follicles to suspend normal development and growth. 
Second, let’s promote faster black hair growth!
There are several products to consider.  One, hair vitamins are the fastest (and easiest) way to promote growth is to supplement vitamins and nutrients needed for proper follicle, root and bulb development.  Products such as Hair Nutrition Vitamins provide dietary supplements of all vital components needed for hair (and nail) growth).
Two, supplying vitamins topically through Vitamin Shampoo, works to enrich locks with nutrients lost through styling and treating – either by using relaxers or petroleum-based aids jellies or gels.  Three, blocking DHT can be done with products like Enzy Block, which prevent DHT from shutting-down the follicle growth cycle.  Follow this link to consider other products for faster hair hair growth products below
Third, protect your hair from styling.  Though it made be a common belief, braiding leads to faster growth, too-tight braiding leads to hair loss…a little contradictory.  According to Dr Earl, a leading black dermatologist and black hair expert, “Numerous times in my office, I’ve told parents that their child’s hair loss is coming from too-tight braiding. The reaction I usually get is, “Don’t you tell me I’m braiding it too tight. Don’t you do that Doctor.”
A perpetuated myth in the African-American community is: the tighter you braid the hair, the faster it will grow. Braiding, while attractive and generally beneficial to hair, does not ‘make it grow.’ Too-tight braiding definitely leads to hair loss. How can you tell braiding is too tight? When you get little bumps around the edges of the hair, you know it’s too tight. The tight braiding of the hair opens up the hair follicle.  Bacteria gets in the hair follicle, eating up the oil, resulting in scarring and temporary hair loss and reducing black hair growth. Now, hair is pretty resilient stuff and will typically grow back after this happens, but eventually, the hair loss can become permanent.”  Um, I guess that sums it up for braiding…caution is the operative word?!

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Supplements can increase, improve and normalize your hair's growth while improving overall appearance and control. Improve your hair's elasticity and resilience to damage while giving life to slow growing and thinning hair. 
Medications, hormonal shifts and the use of inexpensive hair products can strip and deplete nutrients and minerals and damage the follicle shaft of protective protein and amino acid chains.  Sun and heat damage together with hair treatments - perms, coloring, highlighting, relaxing, etc. - can lead to split ends, breakage, slow growth and lack of shine and sheen.

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