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Black, Afro and Ethnic Hair Care Tips

Afro Hair Needs Extra Care

When your hair is of the Afro variety, thick, curly and highly textured, you need to take special care of your hair to avoid dryness, damage and breakage. It is necessary to get the best vitamins for black hair to maintain tensile strength, smoothness and shine. And, to use ethnic hair growth products to get the best black hair growth.

Keeping Your Hair Clean

It’s important to select the right shampoo for regular use on your hair. Your shampoo should be packed with moisturizing elements to help avoid dryness – a hydrating shampoo is good. You should shampoo your hair at least once in seven days, but don’t do it too often, because curly hair gets dry and brittle easily.

After shampooing your hair, make sure you condition it thoroughly with a conditioner that has a high moisturizing action. There are such conditioners designed specially for thick, curly hair. Use a daily moisturizer if you can, and a natural oil such as pomegranate seed oil.

When it comes to grooming your hair, use a wide toothed comb or pick – avoid brushes, they make your hair feel rough. If you must use a brush, get one with natural bristles such as boar bristles. And use ‘ouchless’ rubber bands.

Some Good Products

There is a wide range of products for hair loss that are great for African, Afro Caribbean, African-American and Ethnic hair. These have been created to nurture hair, bringing back needed moisture and conditioning the strands well. Your hair should be nourished from the roots to the tips.

There are some great home made products, made from natural ingredients like vegetable and essential oils, which are good for this kind of hair. These are good for those who feel that manufactured hair care products contain too many chemicals that damage the hair and even cause hair loss. You can learn more about these online.


If you want to straighten curly hair, you can use heat or chemical treatments. And there are some products for frizz control, too, such as cream hair dressing.

Take Care of Your Hair

Afro hair is quite brittle, so it needs to be handled gently and nourished. Some more ways of taking care of your curly hair include: never forgetting to take off your hair bands and elastic hair clasps, exposing your hair to the sun and wind as little as possible (to avoid split ends that eventually damage your hair more than you would imagine) and putting conditioner in your hair before you plait it up. Bear in mind that the ends of your hair are the weakest parts – they are the oldest parts, too, so they are fragile and brittle. Be extra nice to the ends of your hair!

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